Factory Key Center

A-1 Corporate Hardware Schlage Factory Keying Center for the Midwest

A-1 Corporate Hardware Schlage Factory Keying Center for the Midwest

Security Levels

The Primus system features five different levels of security. Security increases from Level One through Level Four providing different restrictions for key acquisition. Each level requires an appropriate I.D. card and/or signature verification for key duplication. All levels utilize Primus cylinders and keys which are patent protected against unauthorized duplication. To select the proper level of security, consideration should be given to the overall key control, convenience, and service required for the installation.

How Secure Are Your Locks?

We have received many inquiries regarding master keying. The most frequently asked question has been “Are key blanks easily obtained or can they be fashioned from existing keys?” Some claims have been made that a criminal only needs a hand file and some blanks to create a “master” key.  Statements like this unfairly simplify the art of key making and bring into public question the security in all types of locking systems.  The best mechanical solution to increase the security of master key systems is to replace existing standard cylinders with high-security types. High-security keys usually require intricate side cuts; dimple cuts, angel cuts or other secondary operations, which are not readily made or impossible to make with a hand file.

At A-1, we maintain and sell systems such as Medeco, Primus and ASSA.  The Primus system is ideal because of the number of unique keyways available, (over 4000 keyways).  A traditional high security keyway is limited to 7-10 keyways total.  It is virtually impossible to make a master key if you cannot get a key blank for a specific end user facility.  What makes A-1 keying system unique to the industry?? Years ago, we incorporated a safety mechanism for protection against any defect of the internal keying system.  The technique we teach is as follows: pinning with primus.

If you are interested in our technique to insure this never happens, or want A-1 Corporate Hardware to do an on site visit and evaluation of your existing key schedule, please call 1-800-368-2348 and schedule a walk through.

Can You Locks Be Bumped?

Bumping locks is an underestimated lock-opening technique by which a large variety of mechanical locks can be opened quickly and without damage by a relatively untrained attacker.  Bumping has been the latest security issue recently featured in the New York Times, Newsweek and MSNBC and is the hottest security topic in the industry today.

This quick un-detectable method along with traditional picking methods is a major concern to everyone in the security industry. Nearly 90% of all locks can be bumped. The exception to this rule is locks that do not allow for two pins to separate or locks that contain a one-piece locking mechanism (sidebar). Examples of “un-bumpable” brands are Schlage Primus and Abloy Protec. Electronic locks and electro-mechanical opening mechanisms would also be un-”bumpable.”